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Verify the information of
any person or company,
in less than 5 minutes.

With our background check, you get Mexico's most comprehensive identity validation report.


All in one place.

We review information in more than 100 data sources!

Avoid risks and identity fraud

  • When evaluating credit prospects.

  • Hiring new employees in your company.

  • Leasing or selling real estate.

  • Doing onboarding processes

  • Through Due Diligence processes

Validación identidad background check México

You only need a photo of the INE to obtain our identity validation report

Public Information 

  • Curp

  • R.F.C.

  • Signing Certificates

  • Professional Studies

  • Guarantees

validación identidad curp rfc siger sat méxico

ID documents

  • Automatic extraction

  • MRZ Extraction

  • ID validation

  • Address geolocation

validación vigencia ine domicilio

If you don't have the ID picture, you can also get the full report by entering the person's name, place, and date of birth, which includes verification of the person's:

Black Lists

  • National Lists

  • International Lists

  • Peps

  • 69B

  • +50 lists

validación digital redes sociales méxico

Judicial Background

  • Federal Lawsuits

  • Local Lawsuits

  • Court 

  • Agreements

  • # of file

validación antecedentes judiciales méxico

Employment info

  • Social Security number

  • Employment history

  • Employment stability

  • salary progression

  • Payment capacity

validación historia laboral seguridad social méxico

Digital identity

  • Social networks

  • Phones

  • Emails

  • Relevant news

  • Relevant results

validación identidad curp rfc siger sat méxico

Cell Phone and Email analysis

  • Risk level

  • information leaks

  • registered applications

  • Validity

validación digital redes sociales méxico


  • Selfie

  • Liveness test

  • Biometric Comparison

  • Data verification

validación vigencia ine domicilio
validación antecedentes judiciales méxico

Business Info

  • Related companies

  • Partners or shareholders

  • Business number

  • Company activities

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Security Staff

Tenants and Guarantees



Prevención de Lavado de Dinero (AML)

Match on Tinder


Clients and suppliers

Reclutamiento y Selección

Cumplimiento y

Servicios Legales

prevenir fraude de identidad cumplir kyc y aml
servicio validación documentos ine recursos humanos


servicio validación documentos ine inmobiliarias

Real Estate

servicio validación documentos ine sofomes crédito


servicio validación documentos ine seguridad privada

Private security

We have solutions according to your sector

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